Xiaomi Mi A3 gets another "brick-free" Android 11 update

Saying that the Xiaomi Mi A3 has had misfortune with its product updates would genuinely be putting it mildly. In all actuality, the Chinese goliath has truly battled a smidgen more on its Android One gadget programming all in all, however even by those standard the incredible four endeavors it took to carry Android 10 to the Mi A3 are excessive. They have now been followed-up a no-under three Android 11 forms one after another. 

Xiaomi Mi A3 gets another "brick-free" Android 11 update

At the finish of a year ago, Mi A3 clients got their first Android 11 OTA, with numerous rapidly revealing that it bricked their gadgets. That incited a fast stop in rollout, just as a guarantee to deal with influenced telephones for nothing out of pocket on the organization's part. 

That end fundamentally endured a couple of hours and an OTA began cultivating by and by. Recognition for a job well done - astonishingly fast work on Xiaomi's part, regardless of whether it was on harm control. In any case, the second Android 11 form, utilitarian as it was, left clients needing a couple of things. To be specific the inherent Screen recorder include, that was yanked from the form, just as some somewhat more current Android security patches to supplant the December 2020 ones. 

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